Bandhavgarh National Park


  • Location:Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh
  • Closest Access:Umaria (28 KMS)
  • Major Wildlife of the park:Royal Bengal tiger, Leopard and Bear
  • Best time to visit:Mid Nov to June
  • Total coverage area:105.40 square KMS
Bandhavgarh National Park

The deep jungle of Bandhavgarh National Park is located in a basin surrounded by the marvelous cliffs and great wooded Vindhyan Mountains.

Details about Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is a very popular tiger reserve is terms of tiger sighting. It was a hunting lodge for the former royal family of Rewa. Bandhavgarh got the status of the national park in 1968. The dense jungle of Bandhavgarh National Park is situated in a basin surrounded by the amazing cliffs and wonderful wooded Vindhyan Mountain Range. The plains of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are full of green grass and reed enclosed marshlands too, where different bird species as Kingfishers etc dive. The birds like Egrets reside balanced and hunch-backed. Moreover, the vultures nestle in the steep cliff’s holes. Bandhavgarh National Park is a self supporting organism giving its individual climate, atmosphere, water and nutrition by its own reprocessing systems. Bandhavgarh has sleep waking cycle as the more light comes from the sky it starts awakening.

Flora in the jungle of Bandhavgarh

Flora in the jungle of BandhavgarhInitially, the park was spread in the area of only 105.40-sq-kms and was having 25 resident white tiger. Bandhavgarh was quite popular for the very high-density population of tiger. But now the tiger reserve is extended further and covers a big area of 437-sq-kms. About half of the national park is covered by superb Sal trees however the higher hill reaches have mixed jungles. Bamboo Stretches and the grasslands are extended towards the park’s north direction. The prominent wild animals are still found in the core area of Bandhavgarh National Park along with park’s 32 charming and wooded mountains.

Main Wildlife of Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh is the national park where the world famous White Tiger were originally found. While riding an Elephant through Bandhavgarh national park, the wildlife enthusiastic can track the tiger from a very close angle. The other famous wild animals spotted in the park are Nilgai, Chital, Chausingha, Wild Boar, Chinkara and Jackal.

Bandhavgarh tiger reserve is a proud host of 250 different birds. Some other animals found in Bandhavgarh are porcupine, blackbucks, small Indian civet, ratel, lesser bandicoot rat, palm squirrel, hyena and jungle cat. Bandhavgarh also has a very healthy reptile population as cobras, karaits, rat snakes, lizards, pythons and turtles.

Additional attractions of Bandhavgarh

In addition to the rich wildlife, the park is known for Kalchuri archaeological remains discovered in the tiger reserve. Bandhavgarh is ideally located in the mountains and is dominated by marvelous Bandhavgarh Fort a 14th of Century monument. The mountains close to the fort are well known for numerous pre-historical caves.

Elephant and Jeep Safari

The wildlife lover can explore the national park either through the jeep safari or by riding an elephant. The Jeep safaris are organized twice during the day by the forest department in the morning as well as in the afternoon. A good naturalist will always accompany the jeep during the safari in the park. However, the elephant rides are generally done in the morning hours to track the tiger.

Best period to travel in Bandhavgarh

The ideal time for the tourists to visit Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is starting from November till end of June. The national park normally is closed during the monsoon months from first of July to the end of September.

Access to Bandhavgarh

Air: The airports of Jabalpur (200 KMS) and Khajuraho (230 KMS) are the nearest air access to the Bandhavgarh, those have got the regular air-services from Delhi and other cities.

Train: Umaria is the closest train station to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve only 30 KMS away. Another railway station near to the park is Katni, which is about 120 KMS away.

Road: Bandhavgarh National Park is located right on the national highway which connects the important cities as Satna to Umaria and Rewa to Umaria. The notable towns located close to the Bandhavgarh are Khajuraho (230 KMS), Varanasi 340 KMS, Katni (75 KMS), Rewa (115 KMS), Umaria (30 KMS), Kanha National Park (250 KMS). Madhya Pradesh State Transport Corporation Bus Services can be taken from Rewa, Katni, Satna or Umaria.

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