India Wildlife Tour Packages

elephant safari in india
Discover whats residing in the jungles of India with our India Wildlife Tour Packages. The jungles of India are home of many amazing animals. 70% of Tiger lives in tiger reserves or national parks of India. India is the last home of highly endangered Asiatic Lion and one horned rhino.

A wildlife tour of India gives you ample opportunity of an encounter with a majestic tiger roaring in the jungle, an elephant or rahino crushing through the grass on their way, a thrilling moment of a lion on hunt, a deer jumping in joy, playful monkey making the jungles funny & entertaining at times; wildlife safari in India is nothing less than its African counterpart.

With 100s of National parks & over 500 wildlife sanctuaries, India is among the 17 mega bio-diverse countries. Indian Government’s projects like Project Tiger, Project Rahion & Project Elephants have played an important role to protect & increase the population of these highly endangered spices of animals on the earth.

A wildlife trip to national parks & wildlife sanctuaries in India can be a lifelong delight for a wildlife lover. At Inside Indian Jungles we take you deep inside the jungles. We organize customized wildlife safari tours, wildlife photography tours for photographers, tiger safari to insure a tiger sightseeing for you, bird watching tours for a bird lover and a fully customized tour if you want to go your own way in the jungles of India.

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