Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Location:Karnataka, South India
  • Closest Access:Hubli (75 KMS), Goa (125 KMS)
  • Major Wildlife of the park:Tiger, Sloth bear, leopard, Elephant, Bush Grail
  • Best time to visit:October to June
  • Total coverage area:834.16-sq-kms
Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

The peaceful and calm Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is believed as one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. Residing few extremely rare wild animals and bird life is a lesser visited wildlife treasures

Details about Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

The peaceful and calm Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is believed as one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. Residing a few extremely rare wild animals and birdlife are untouched and lesser-visited wildlife treasures, which surely leave the visitors spellbound. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary flourishes with the prosperity of Flora and Fauna. The richness and variety of Dandeli offer plentiful chances to the wildlife visitor to enjoy the charming landscape. The wildlife sanctuary is normally rolling with vertical slopes with striking deep valleys of the river and prosperous mountainous jungle topography. The magnificent valleys, royal-looking roundabout rivers, and the superb scenic loveliness of the Syntheri rock create Dandeli an interesting wildlife experience. The jungles of Dandeli are characteristic damp deciduous & also semi-evergreen kinds having pouches of every green.

The rolling streams, influential bamboos, wildlife profusion, sylvan environment, and trekking areas build Dandeli wildlife sanctuary an exclusive wildlife place. Kali River along with its tributaries rivers as Kaneri and Nagajhari wander by the jungle. Spotting the animals is always a difficult task and involves a part of luck.

Major attractions in and around Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

The main animals of the sanctuary are the barking deer, spotted deer, mouse deer, tiger, sloth bear, gaur, panther, elephant, civet cat, wild dog, bison, Langur, jackal, and giant flying squirrel. The prominent birds spotted here include magpie robin, crested serpent eagle, golden-backed woodpecker, and many other birds

Taking a coracle ride in the evening down the mighty Kali River would be a memorable experience. The relaxed float of the coracle permits the visitors to view hornbills coming back to the nest in high trees located near the banks of the river, watch darters who dry their trails on deadwood well-established in the river, and respect egrets soaring next to the carroty sky.

Located 35 KMS from Dandeli are Syntheri rocks, breathtaking massive granite makeup amidst deep jungle with the permanent Kaneri River flowing near to it. There are countless trekking tracks and fishing places at Dandeli.

Best Time to visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to travel to Dandeli is from October to June.

How to reach Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Air: Hubli Airport is 75 KMS, Belgaum (109 KMS) and Goa (125 KMS).

Train: Londa (25 KMS), Dharwad 57 KMS and Hubli 75 KMS

Road: Bangalore 408 KMS, Karwar 93 KMS, Alnavar 32 KMS

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