Dudhwa National Park


  • Location:Lakhimpur (Kheri), Uttar Pradesh, North India
  • Closest Access:Lucknow (250 KMS)
  • Major Wildlife of the park:Tiger, Swamp deer, leopard, Rhinos
  • Best time to visit:Mid Nov to June
  • Total coverage area:883.7390-sq-kms
Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958, a national park in 1977 and as a project tiger reserve in 1988. Dudhwa national park is located on Indo-Nepal border in Himalayan foothills and in the Terai region.

Details about Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958, a national park in 1977, and a project tiger reserve in 1988.  Dudhwa national park is located on the Indo-Nepal border in the Himalayan foothills and in the Terai region.

The national park is extended by more than 811 sq. KMS of the area in this region is mainly grassland, marshes, and dense jungles.

The major attractions of Dudhwa are Swamp Deer – they are more than 1,600 and tiger. The park has 38 kinds of mammals, 16 races of reptiles, and many species of birds.

This has 02 core regions as Dudhwa National Park and the second Kishanpur wildlife sanctuary. There is a 15 KMS long agricultural terrain between both of the jungles.

Dudhwa is quite known for the tireless hard work of ‘Billy’ Arjan Singh, India’s top conservationist. He was very active to create Dudhwa as a reserved forest for Swamp Deer.

Later on, he effectively re-introduced and handed over Tigers of Zoo along with leopards into Dudhwa. The forests of Dudhwa are evocative of the jungles of Bardia located in Nepal.

The lakes of Dudhwa provide excellent chances to observe Swamp Deer and many bird species from ‘Machans’. In the middle of 1980, in Dudhwa Indian Rhinoceros were again introduced from the state of Assam and also from Nepal.

Flora and Fauna in Dudhwa National Park

The main floras of the park are Sal Shorea Robusta, Asna Terminalia Tomentosa, Shisham Dalbergia Sissoo, Bahera Terminalia Balerica, Jamun Syzygium Cumini, and Khair Acacia catechu.

The main mammals spotted here are Tiger, leopard, Swamp deer, Rhinoceros, chital, hog deer, barking deer, Sambhar, wild boar, and Ratel.

There are about 400 species of birds in the park as Florican and black-necked storks. There are about 90 fish species in Dudhwa.

Nearby attractions from Dudhwa

Visit Exceptional Frog Temple located at Oyal – the only temple in India of its kind. This was constructed by the erstwhile rulers of the Oyal of Lakhimpur-Kheri district. This temple is dedicated to Hindu God Lord Shiva.

Frog temple is 10 KMS away from Hargaon in route to Lakhimpur-Kheri and Dudhwa.

Surat Bhawan Palace is one of the well-known palaces of the Terai region. It is constructed in Indo-Saracenic architecture and was built by the king of the Singhai state.

Access to Dudhwa

Air: Lucknow is the best-connected airport 57 KMS away from the park.

Train: Dudhwa (04 KMS), Palia (10 KMS), and Lucknow (250 KMS)

Road: Dudhwa 04 KMS, Palia 10 KMS, Lucknow 250 KMS, Mailani 37 KMS

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