Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Location:Sambhar, Rajasthan
  • Closest Access:Sambhar, Jaipur airport (118 KMS)
  • Major Wildlife of the park:Flamingoes, Northern Shoveller, black headed gull
  • Best time to visit:October to March
  • Total coverage area:190sq-kms
Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary

Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Nagaur and Jaipur districts and it also borders the Ajmer district in Rajasthan. It is a good place for tourism it’s basin divided 5.1 km long dam made of sand and stone.

Details about Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary

Sambhar Lake is the biggest saline lake of India, 190 sq-KMS in size at complete capability and set about 60 KMS western side of Jaipur, merely exterior prosaically called as Salt Lake City.

This huge area of hostile salty is on standard only 0.6 cm deep and in no way over 3 m yet the monsoon is just finished.

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Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary extends in length approximately 22.5 KMS, the width of the Sambar defers somewhere 3 to 11 KMS.  Numerous seasonal streams of the freshwater, 02 of the main are Mendha River and Rupangarh River which feed Sambar Lake.

The huge, roughly elliptically formed Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary is separated in 02 parts by a 05 KMS big stone reservoir. The eastern part of the lake has the dam for salt mining, saltpans and canals.

The water from the enormous iridescent west part is drained to the different part through clean doors when the water goes a quantity of salinity measured most favourable for salt pulling out. The waters at Sambhar are glacially motionless, bordered with a impressive ice of salt.

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Wildlife in Sambar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary is a home good population of different avifauna like flamingoes, black-headed gull and Northern Shoveller. About 45 species of water birds as ducks, shorebirds and geese are spotted at Sambhar.

How to reach Sambar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Air: Jaipur airport is about 118 KMS from Sambhar Sanctuary

Rail: Sambhar Salt Lake Station is very close to the sanctuary

Road: Sambhar is connected with important places through road.

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