Birding Tour India

India is a land of diversity. The rich heritage of natural flora and fauna draw thousands of tourists to different jungles and Birding tour in India.

Your birding tour can easily start from the forests of Corbett, Bharatpur sanctuary, or from Himachal Pradesh.

Nothing can be better than starting your morning with a fresh cup of coffee in a wooden forest cottage, while the birds chatter all around you.

The music, color, and symphony of sound that is associated with Birding Tour India are simply unparalleled.

We at Inside Indian Jungles present the right blend of beauty and delicacy that is sure to make you fall in love with these beautiful creatures of nature.

It is a sad fact that a major portion of the Birding tour India is being depleted day by day. A major portion of the birds also belongs to the oriental region. Serious bird watchers and even amateur photographers flock al around the famous jungles of India to watch birds and take photographs of them.

A birding tour can be exploratory; it can also be educational. Right from the species to the origin and habitat of the migratory and Indian birds, you will come to know about the very basic facts about birds.

Usually the migratory birds travel from Siberia and Central Asia and travel to the oriental region during winters.

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Some of the most popular birding tour India is conducted in Corbett National Park, and in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, which is a weekend destination for many.

Apart from this, Himachal Pradesh is also an inexhaustible storehouse of colourful birds. In this tour, you will simply be mesmerized to watch birds like the Kaleej, the Monal and the Koklas. Narkanda and Sangla in Himachal are some of the best areas where you find these varieties of birds.

Apart from this, when you go for a Birding tour India to major jungles or hill sides in India, you can discover popular birds like the Geese, Larks, Warblers, the Hawks and the Wagtails.

Indian birds have always been known for their mellifluous voice, for the splash of colours on their wings and for their variety.

Birding Tour India

Being a country of ample diversity of ecosystems and immense biodiversity, India could be called a paradise for all bird watchers and lovers. India’s remarkable topography has diverse areas ranging from the snow-capped Himalayas, tropical rainforests of Western Ghats, and the vast wetlands of the plains becoming the world’s perfect birding destination.

Introduction to birding in India

Birding, also referred to as bird watching, is a leisure activity where you enjoy the presence of wild birds in their natural environment as you acknowledge their beauty, sounds and habits. In India, birding is now a favorite game for all those who love nature, wildlife and bird photography because the country is the land of many birds.

Importance of India for Bird Watching

India envoys over 1300 species of birds indicating its enormous potential for birding which is world-class. Not only the land of India is a country with a significant number of wetlands, forests, and other habitats of resident bird species, but also the geographical diversity, along with the moisture climate, provides habitat for migratory birds as well.

Top birding destinations in India

Himalayan Region Bird

The valley of the Himalayas, running through a few states located in north India, is the selected site as it boasts a beautiful landscape and a wide range of unique bird species. This zone is home to many birding sites, including Pangot Lake, Sattal Lake and the Corbett National Park, which is the most prominent of the others.

Western Ghats Bird

The UNESCO enlisted Western Ghats which is well known for its rare and rich birdlife and fantastic evergreen avenues. Species little known or never seen before have been observed.

North-Eastern States Birds

The North-Eastern states of India, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya are the states frequently referred to for their impeccable forests and the plenty of birdlife. The Kaziranga National Park, which has a vast range of avian species, should be explored by any bird enthusiast and the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is where even the most experienced birder can find plenty to see.

Types of Birds Found in India

India is a miraculous example of an intermingled avian world that includes native birds which live in the country all year round and birds that travel to India as migrators during certain seasons. The long-term residents of the place like Indian Peafowl and Indian Robin are a part of the migratory birds which come here rarely from distant lands like the Siberian Crane and the Bar-headed Goose.

Popular birding tours in India

Many birding operators provide unique tours with particular regions of India as the focus. Whatever you like best from birding in the tropical forests of East India, wilderness-exploring of North India or coastal habitats of South India there's a birding tour package of your desire.

Factors to be kept in mind when selecting a birding tour of India

While selecting a birding tour, it is necessary to think of various aspects including, the timings of the trip, the quality of the guides and the accommodation quality. Purposefully choosing bird-watching trips provided by seasoned naturalists and staying in eco-friendly lodges are sure to have a more creative bird watching.

Benefits of Bird Tours in India

But it is not only this thrill of getting a rare bird species that encourages one to partake in a birding tour but also it helps the conservation efforts as well as promotes ecotourism in India. On the other hand, by establishing a connection with local communities and or cultural traditions, the journey becomes more exciting and you get to learn new things.

Tips for Bird Watching in India

Most importantly, bird watching in India should be combined with patience and skill of keen observing and good equipment. Attention does not fall on the protection of landscape and free wildlife, any disturbance is unlikely to happen.

India Birding Tours Packages

We offer a wide range of complete bird-watching tour packages that comprise transportation, lodging, meals, and guided birding trips. They are designed after instilling different programme durations and preferences of the travelers.

Testimonials from Birding Tour Participants

From the Birding Tour Participants Background: To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Birding Tours given to my organization, I will be gathering testimonials from recent tour participants.

"The India birding tour surprised me much more than I could ever imagine. I observed hidden species in the Himalayas and so, heard the dawn chorus in the Western Ghats that I will never forget. " - Sarah, UK.

“I cherish the moment when friends or family ask me what my Indian birding tour was like. The knowledgeable guides and the immersive experiences made our birding tour interesting and have permanently triggered a feeling to visit the destination again and again. It's a destination every bird lover should visit at least once in their lifetime.” - Jenny, USA


India provides a rare intersection of humans with nature and the unparalleled diversity of birding that enthrals everyone. Because India’s vast compilation of various landscapes and colorful bird species attracts bird watchers from all around the world, it remains one of the best places to enjoy this fascinating pastime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best time for bird tours in India?

Most of the time the winter that starts in November and ends with the first month of the year is the most suitable time to see migratory birds of different types. On the contrary, in certain cases, I want to mention that the monsoon season from June to September offers excellent birding possibilities due to lush green habitats.

Whether bird-watching trips for novice tourists or not?

Birding tours are particularly suitable for lovers regardless of what level they are in; from the elderly to the younger generation. Professional guides will reveal their extensive knowledge of bird recognition and will be with you every step of the journey to ensure that everybody will enjoy birding.

Should I carry my binoculars and camera? I do need any other equipment?

Some even will be equipped with the rentable binoculars and cameras, but it is better to bring or at least to be able to use your own optimal.

Are family tours to the bird's place in India good for families?

Currently, we (Inside Indian Jungles) are offering family packages that include activities designed to ensure that both children and their parents enjoy the tour.