Wildlife Sanctuaries

Wildlife sanctuaries in India are categorized as IUCN Category IV protected areas. The total number of wildlife sanctuaries in India is 551.

Depending on the land quality, topography of the soil and on the type of animals that can live under these circumstances, wildlife sanctuaries are designed.

Right from tigers, to royal lions, rhinos, elephants, civets, musk deer, black and brown bear, and a variety of birds-the wildlife sanctuaries in India offer you plenty.

Tourists visit the wildlife sanctuaries all the year-round. Still now, there are many such wildlife travel destinations in India, which are unexplored.

While in some you find the common wild animals, some are known for exotic and endangered species of animals.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1973. It is an important part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Rese ...

Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary

Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Nagaur and Jaipur districts and it also borders the Ajmer distri ...

Bhitarkanika wildlife Sanctuary

Mangroves are salty liberal, composite and lively eco-system which happens in inter-tidal areas of humid ...

Gahirmatha Turtle sanctuary

Gahirmatha Turtle Sanctuary is the biggest breeding home of the sea turtles. Gahirmatha is located in Ori ...

National Chambal Sanctuary

It is well known for the endangered Gangetic Dolphin. The National Chambal Sanctuary was established in 1 ...

Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near Chhapar town of Churu district of Rajasthan. Churu is loc ...

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is a few of the highly renowned bird sanctuaries of India. Nal Sarovar Sanctua ...

sultanpur birds

The sultanpur bird sanctuary is situated very close to Delhi only 46 KMS away. ThisĀ  Bird Sanctuary is a ...

Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary

Chilka Lake bird sanctuary located in the Orissa state of India is Asia’s biggest internal salt-wat ...

Little Rann of Kutch Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary

Little Rann of Kutch Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous as Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. Little Rann ...

You can now travel to some of the interior most parts of the wildlife sanctuaries in India. Whether you want a long tour or just a weekend gateway to exotic wildlife sanctuaries in Gahirmatha, Bhitarkanika, Sambhar and National Chambal, you can simply pack our bags and take your camera to capture some beautiful natural moments.

While some wildlife sanctuaries are full of grassy lands, some are full of rocky dunes, and some sanctuaries have lakes nestled in between forests. These are the natural habitats where the animals are protected from the glaring eye of the poachers.

Wildlife sanctuaries in India give you the chance to experience really exciting activities like game drives, riding on elephant and touring the entire jungle, rafting and having a view of the aquatic life, coracle rides and many more.

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In this connection, you can visit the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, the Sariska wildlife sanctuary, the Bharatpur bird sanctuary and many more.

The sheer variety of animals in their different moods, and aquatic vegetation along with the wide range of flowers and trees, will simply make you fall in love with the Indian forests.

At Inside Indian Jungles you just get some of the most effective guidance regarding your trips to the wildlife sanctuaries in India.

The exact time of the year when you can visit these sanctuaries, which are the core regions in which these are divided, and how long will it take to travel through the entire sanctuary, are important factors which you need to know.

At Inside Indian Jungles you will get, for instance, everything related to your visit to places like the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary or the Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary.

You can travel to these areas in a jeep, but tourists also take private cars for their tour all around the sanctuary.

It is true that India offers you great diversity in terms of wildlife parks. Choose your favourite package now, and explore the beauty of the beasts.