Weekend Tours

After a hectic tour in office, just imagine going to some of the best wildlife destinations in India on a weekend tour.

You will be delighted to venture into some of the densest wildlife sanctuaries and core zones, which are the natural habitats of tigers, lions, rhinos, reptiles, crocodiles and migratory birds.

You need to plan for the wildlife weekend tours and we at Inside Indian Jungle present the best platform for you.

Ranthambhore National Park Weekend Getaway

Ranthambhore National Park and its Wildlife Weekend Getaway

Duration: (3 Days)

Bandhavgarh National Park Weekend Getaway

White Tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park

Duration: (3 Days)

bear in Kanha National Park Weekend Getaway

Kanha National Park and various wildlife at the park

Duration: (3 Days)


Endangered Asiatic Lions and other wildlife and Gir National Park of Gujarat

Duration: (3 Days)

Pench National Park Weekend Getaway

Short tour to Pench National Park Weekend Getaway featuring exotic wildlife

Duration: (3 Days)

Corbett National Park Weekend Getaway

Bird watching walk, royal Bengal tiger, Indian elephants

Duration: (3 Days)


Gungle safari in Tadoba National Park featuring Tiger and other wildlife of national park

Duration: (3 Days)

Nagzira National Park Weekend Getaway

Rich wildlife of the wildlife sanctuary Nagzira National Park

Duration: (3 Days)

Kaziranga National Park Weekend Getaway

Kaziranga a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a home for highly endangered one horned rhinos

Duration: (3 Days)


Manas a World Heritage Site by UNESCO is a home for highly endangered one horned rhinos

Duration: (3 Days)


World Heritage Site by UNESCO offers unique topography having healthy population

Duration: (3 Days)


Crocodiles, various birds and major animals like elephants

Duration: (3 Days)

Bandipur National Park Weekend Getaway

Nature walk with the naturalist in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Duration: (3 Days)


Wild elephants with other wildlife and spice plantation

Duration: (3 Days)

Sariska National Park

Jeep safaris to explore the rich wildlife including the king of the jungle Tiger

Duration: (3 Days)

Little Rann of Kutch Wild Ass Sanctuary Weekend Getaway

Highly endangered Asiatic Wild Assa and Other Mammals like Nilgai, Chinkara, Jungle Cat, the foxes and the wolf

Duration: (3 Days)


Nameri National Park - a home of rare four wild cats and various other animals and birds

Duration: (3 Days)


Crocodiles, kingfishers, herons, cormorants, egrets, lapwings, teals, water hens and grebes

Duration: (3 Days)

Indian jungles abound not just in natural flora and vegetation, but they are also the one of the richest storehouse of wild animals.

It is not always possible for you to travel to the core of jungles anytime, so if you have a short time, after a hectic week, you can start for the wildlife weekend tours.

Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Gir, Pench and Corbett are some of the most popular tourist destinations where people flock to have a glimpse of the royal beasts in all their prominence.

Along with your wildlife cottage residence, you can also enjoy an exciting bonfire around the cottage, while you sit outside and listen to the chirping of wild birds or to the roaring of a lion.

When adventure speaks for itself, then Inside Indian Jungles can be your best travel partner.

Some of the most popular wildlife weekend tours in India are conducted in Corbett, in Ranthambhore, in Pench, Tadoba and in Sunderbans.

With the fascinating natural landscape embracing hundreds of animals, these trips are just the right balance of weekend gateway and thriving adventure for you and your family.

With Inside Indian Jungles you get the right combination of fun: watching animals and knowing more about the animals within a compact packaged destination.

The varieties are plenty. While Corbett is famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger and the wild elephant, the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is famous for tiger safari, and also for the Barasingha. Since you will get very less time within a weekend, it is better to reach to the central zones of Kanha, and then carry on with the tour accordingly.

The Nagzira wildlife sanctuary, on the other hand, with the green hills and lakes, along with the collection of more than 34 mammals, and more than 150 birds, are sure to mesmerize you.

The weekend tours generally last for three days, so you need to simply pack your items and consult with Inside Indian Jungles to be your reliable wildlife tour guide. So do not waste your time. Be ready for some power-packed wildlife tours in the jungles of India.