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India Wildlife Tour With Taj Mahal

India Wildlife Tour Packages

Discover whats residing in the jungles of India with our India Wildlife Tour Packages. Jungles of India are home to many amazing animals. 70% of Tiger lives in tiger reserves or national parks of India. India is the last home of highly endangered Asiatic Lion and one-horned Rhino.

A wildlife tours of India gives you ample opportunity of an encounter with a majestic tiger roaring in the jungle, an elephant or Rhino crushing through the grass on their way, a thrilling moment of a lion on hunt, a deer jumping in joy, playful monkey making the jungles funny & entertaining at times; wildlife safari in India is nothing less than its African counterpart.

With 100s of National parks & over 500 wildlife sanctuaries, India is among the 17 mega bio-diverse countries. Indian Government’s projects like Project Tiger, Project Rhino & Project Elephants have played an important role to protect & increase the population of these highly endangered spices of animals on the earth.

Wildlife tours in India to national parks & wildlife sanctuaries can be a lifelong delight for a wildlife lover. At Inside Indian Jungles we take you deep inside the jungles. We organize customized wildlife safari tours, wildlife photography tours for photographers, tiger safari to ensure a tiger sightseeing for you, bird watching tours for a bird lover and a fully customized tour if you want to go your own way to the jungle tourism in India.

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Where would you like to go on India wildlife tours?

A land with a wide range of diversity also fits even with the wildlife. Few of the most breathtaking animals call India their shelter; the royal Bengal tiger, An Asiatic Lion, Asiatic elephant, The Indian Rhino, the sloth bear are in focus.

Explore the top Indian national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to witness the amazing wildlife of India. Choose from the most visited and famous national parks to ignite your wildlife lust. Our customized wildlife packages give you a perfect combination of stunning wildlife and scenic landscape so you can enjoy your wildlife tour at it’s best with the famous national parks with our wildlife experts.

Madhya Pradesh

National Park

This national park boasts of the maximum population in the country spread in about 694 sq kms. Tala zone is the best safari zone for tigers. This national park is the home of the famous tigers like Sita, Mohini, B2, and Bamera.

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National Park

For tiger sighting, Rajasthan is the second as an attractive prospect in India. In this park, you will see tigers basking and ambling in the sun. The semi-desert nature of the park makes it the best place for tiger sighting and photography.

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Madhya Pradesh

National Park

Kanha is known as the best place to spot tigers in India. It is a safe shelter for tigers. Kanha national park covers an area of 940 sq km across the central highland of the Mekal Rang.

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National Park

This is the best place for a tiger safari in India. It is the oldest park covering around 1288 sq. km. area. Your visit to Corbett can bring you pleasant results because you may get the chances to spot tigers in their natural habitat.

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National Park

Tadoba National park is one of the oldest National Parks located in the state of Maharashtra. Tadoba is about 91 Kms away from Nagpur and approximately 45 Kms from Chandrapur which is an industrial hub and also a district headquarter.

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Madhya Pradesh

National Park

Satpura National Park is located in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh in India. It was declared as the National Park in 1981. This place can be more interesting for you because this park still remains unexplored by tourists. Satpura is one of the favorite spots of Bengal tigers.

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Madhya Pradesh

National Park

Pench National Park is spread over an area of 257 sq. km. in the south of Satpura hill ranges in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It offers decent chances to meet tigers. Pench was confirmed as a wildlife sanctuary in 1983 and as a tiger reserve in 1992.

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National Park

This is called the safest place for tigers. Tigers live here in a free atmosphere. The bank of Kabini River is the sweetest place to encounter with the Tigers. In South India, the jungles of Nagarhole are the ideal habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger

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From the Royal Bengal Tigers of Ranthambore to the endangered single-horned Rhinoceros of Kaziranga, the thrilling Indian wildlife is truly enchanting. Everyone can witness hundreds of exciting creatures enclosing majestic Tigers, Asiatic lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Wild Asiatic Ass, Leopard, Jackal, wild boar, and many more in their natural habitat. Choose with whom you want to encounter on your next wildlife tour of India.

Explore Wildlife Tours Based on Popular Interest

With a variety of travelling themes, India is one such country that has so much to offer for every traveller that no one can explore India at it’s best without perfect India wildlife tour itineraries. Select from an array of Indian wildlife tour and travel packages to make your next India trip exotic, and bring memories for the life with the best Indian wildlife safari tour operator’s handpicked India travel packages. And grow your lust of travelling India again and again.

Just follow your interest and rest leave on us to make your India wildlife holiday experience memorable. Plan an exotic and thrilling journey of wildlife with our vast range of customized wildlife India tour packages which include everything you need for the best wildlife experience. Get excited with the sudden glimpse of endangered species of animals and birds will add extra cheers to your Indian wildlife tour. Inside Indian Jungles ensure you for the amazing wildlife travel experience to be in your memories throughout your life.

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India is one of the most enchanting global tourist destinations. But choosing the perfect wildlife destination for maximizing your time in nature to encounter majestic tigers, Asiatic lions, Rhinos can be overwhelming without a perfect Indian wildlife expert. As being one of the best wildlife tour operators, Inside Indian Jungles can help you to experience India’s outstanding wildlife at it’s best.


We are specialists in personalized, wildlife safari travel and your wildlife holiday will be custom-designed to suit your requirements.

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